Make Your Way through the Game with this COC Hack Tool & Cheats

Make Your Way through the Game with this COC Hack Tool & Cheats

Goodbye, Complicated COC Hack Tool. Hello, FREE Gems!

maxresdefaultClash of Clans, or COC for short, is a fun and a widely popular mobile game. Gems are the secondary premium in-game currency used to purchase various tools to advance players’ villages. These game-changing tools are most likely only obtained exclusively through these gems. Unfortunately, these gems are extremely tedious to come by.

Working for Your Gems

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It is possible to earn them through a finite amount of achievements that gets difficult as one progresses further into the game.

Another method would involve clearing obstacles; this method can yield an infinite amount of gems in a relatively slower pace, it is possible to earn up to 6 gems each time one clears an obstacle, however, it is also possible not to earn any gems at all. There is also a special kind of obstacle called the Gem Box that would always yield 25 gems, although it is much more rare to encounter than your normal obstacle, it typically spawns about once per week.

There is also another (somewhat) unrealistic method that rewards the top 10 players of the top 3 clans with gems, these miniscule amounts of 20000 gems for the 1st clan, 10000 gems for the 2nd clan, and 6000 gems for the 3rd clan will be split even further amongst the top 10 players of each clan respectively. Not only does this method yield a relatively small amount of gems, but it is almost highly unattainable that one can compete to be in the top 10 of these clans.

The last method involves shelling out real life money in order to buy this premium in-game currency. The current rate is 6.49 USD for 500 gems, but why do this if you can use a free COC hack to get gems pro bono?

Getting Gems for Free!

This cheat is really simple; if one can play Clash of Clans then one is basically ready to earn gems for FREE. One simply needs to have a stable internet connection and a smartphone, such as an Android phone or an iPhone, to see the cheat work in action. You can use our tool. This tool is a free COC cheats generator that also updates itself daily – thus making sure that the user can use the latest Clash of Clans cheats on demand.

Upon opening this tool, one will see blank wherein one can input their username as it appears on the game screen. Once the username is submitted, a different form will pop-up asking for the desired amount of gems that one wishes to be added to the user’s account. Once that is submitted, the same amount in gems will be added to the user’s account instantaneously for free.

This generator is free, simple, easily accessible, user friendly, and gives out free gems instantaneously. A game-changing experience to Clash of Clans is only a few clicks away; nothing is stopping you from doing this, and nothing else is stopping you from a richer game experience. Watch video proof below and try for yourself! It is truly a gem amongst things.

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